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We Are the Fiber Broadband Association


Established in 2001, and the only all-fiber trade association in the Americas, the Fiber Broadband Association (FBA) provides advocacy, education and resources to companies, organizations and communities who want to deploy the best networks through fiber to the home, fiber to the business and fiber everywhere. Our member-led association collaborates with industry allies to propel fiber deployment forward for a better broadband future here and around the world.


With a once-in-a-generation infrastructure opportunity ahead of us, we believe now is the time to aim higher, do better and invest in technology built to last. As Congress considers various proposals to improve our nation’s infrastructure, the Fiber Broadband Association has been at the forefront of advocating for infrastructure funding that supports future-proof technologies to ensure that Americans are getting the best possible service for years to come. The Fiber Broadband Association highlights Fiber as Critical Infrastructure.

May 10 - May 14, 2021 marks United for Infrastructure 2021, a week-long event that advocates for better infrastructure policy and greater investment from all levels of government. On Wednesday, May 12, the Fiber Broadband Association and NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association hosted a virtual roundtable, “#FiberDelivers: Building Big and Bold Broadband Infrastructure” where the economic case for fiber and the important roles our members play in any large, national broadband infrastructure investment was discussed.

Broadband access is a critical bi-partisan issue. NTCA and the Fiber Broadband Association believe fiber internet is the best way to meet the country’s growing needs for robust and reliable broadband connections that will last well into the future.

Not only is fiber the fastest internet, it’s also the best investment, with the best levels of performance. In fact, while other internet technologies enable broadband, they too depend on fiber to deliver and will continue to do so as data demands increase. Read more about why #FiberDelivers in this 3-page Fact Sheet.

NTCA and the Fiber Broadband Association would like to encourage you to:

  • Join the online conversation about why fiber is important using #FiberDelivers
  • Share your fiber success stories so we can amplify the message that we need more investment in fiber!
  • Be on the lookout for some more social media tools later this spring

To listen to the recording of the May 12, 2021 webinar titled #FiberDelivers: Building Big and Bold Broadband Infrastructure, click here.

To read the #FiberDelivers Fact Sheet, click here.

2Q Letter from FBA's President & CEO, Gary Bolton

On July 12, 2021, Fiber Broadband Association's President & CEO released a letter to FBA members highlighting the beginning of a major fiber investment cycle that will make a positive societal impact for generations to come. This letter outlined the highlights and progress over the last three months as well as what comes next. The following areas are included:

  • Updates from Capitol Hill
  • 2021 Fiber Connect Conference and FBA's 20th Anniversary
  • Work Force Development
  • Member Engagement
  • Operational Progress
  • Next Steps in 3Q

To read the letter in its entirety, click here.

To listen to a message from Gary Bolton, click here.

1Q Letter from FBA's President & CEO, Gary Bolton

On March 31, 2021, Fiber Broadband Association's President & CEO released a letter to FBA's membership and supporters across the globe, detailing the current state of the industry and FBA's significant activity over the last three months, as well as a preview of what we can expect in the near future. This letter covered:

  • FBA's Operating Model
  • 2021 Fiber Connect Conference and FBA's 20th Anniversary
  • RDOF and LEO Satellites
  • New Administration - $3T Infrastructure Package
  • Work Force Development
  • Member Engagement
  • Board, Staff, and Key Partners Support
  • Next Steps

To read the letter in its entirety, click here.

To listen to a message from Gary Bolton, click here.

About Us

Fiber Broadband Association members represent the entire broadband ecosystem: providers, suppliers, consultants, consumers, policymakers, device makers and application providers. And we provide a range of valuable tools:


We supply research, tools and expertise that support informed decisions to build better broadband with fiber, and how to get the most out of fiber investments.


We provide up-to-date information, relevant research, and helpful tools to equip people to find and get the best broadband available -- delivered by fiber.


We encourage collaboration, technological innovation and educational opportunities amongst our member-led group to encourage more fiber deployment.


We support smart policies and opportunities to build futureproof networks for education, energy efficiency, SMART communities and economic opportunity.

In This Section

Our Mission

The Fiber Broadband Association's mission is to accelerate the deployment of fiber broadband networks to ensure digital equity and enable every community to leverage economic and societal benefits that only fiber can deliver. 

Our Vision

The vision of the Fiber Broadband Association is a world where communications are limitless, advancing quality of life and digital equity anywhere and everywhere.